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AMPRO Foundation & Humanitarian Action

AMPRO Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of AMPRO Holdings, a social enterprise run by volunteer professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to the upliftment of less privileged communities. Established in 2003, AMPRO Foundation's mission is to undertake 
humanitarian relief for victims of natural disasters and conflict. This has been carried out in the earlier years through the distribution of canned meat as well as other forms of humanitarian assistance to the disadvantaged around the world, in collaboration with our humanitarian partners. Recipients from afflicted territories range from those in Southeast Asia, such as victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami in Aceh, and earthquakes in Iran and disasters in the Indian sub-continent and Middle East.  

In the earlier years, AMPRO distributed medical packs to victims of conflict, including first aid kits and vaccination for children as well supplying Vitamin A to children in developing countries including in Africa. Vitamin A is the main cause of cataract in children which can lead to blindness.
In 2010, mobility items were shipped to war victims in Iraq. In 2013, food aid and comfort aid packs such as clothing, blankets and beddings were sent to Syrian refugees in Lebanon to face the severe winter. in 2014 and 2015, medical supplies were sent to the Al Karama and Dar Essalam Hospitals in Gaza, Palestine. In 2016, food aid, flour and baby formula were despatched to victims of conflict in Aleppo, Syria.

If you would like to help, download the order form or contribute using PayPal.

Thank You Message from Alkarama Hospital in Gaza for Ampro

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