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Empowering Women, Children & Orphan Aid 

(Project Ibu dan Anak)


A program to empower women to make them financially independent. This project also looks at helping children and orphans holistically from food to health and schooling.

  • Skills for Women

  • Education First 

  • Orphan Kind 

Empowering Women & Children 

Medical Aid to Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Empowering Women through Skills Training


The plan in the pipeline is to provide women with a stable source of income through equipping them with skills that will ensure economic sustainability. For example we will provide women with sewing machines to help them acquire sewing skills to start home-based business.
Through Education – all women should at least  be able to read and write. 



Poverty stands in the way of a better life. Education will help these children escape poverty through opportunities for better jobs and the long-term positive impact  through generations.     

To this end, we will help to equip schools with educational assistance and facilities – trained teachers as well as desks, chairs, libraries, text books, stationery and play equipment – to provide an environment for quality teaching and learning. 

Build a water well.



Natural disasters, man-made crises and conflicts have caused some 153 million children worldwide to become orphans. For them the threat of poverty is a constant.

Your participation in our aid packages will provide these children with education, food, heath and nutrition and safe shelter in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, The Gambia and Gaza, Palestine.

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