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Community In Need

An initiative that aims to deliver food aid to poverty-stricken territories, particularly Somalia and Ethiopia through our “Feed the World” programme.

  • Feed Our World

  • Water Relief (Bekalan Air Bersih)

  • Rapid Emergency Response (Bantuan Kecemasan Pantas)

Rohingya Emergency Response ​

Aid to Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Feed the World


Nearly 800 million of 7.3 billion people in the world suffered from chronic undernourishment in 2014-2016

(Source : UN Food & Agriculture Organisation). Our Feed Our World  Programme provides life-saving nutritious meals to the poor.

Water Relief (Bekalan Air Bersih)


More than 660 million people in the world lack access to clean drinking water. This works out to 1 in every 10 people. Without access to water a community cannot function. Farmers and local business cannot operate. Children are often kept out of school because walking for water takes so much of time.

The lack of clean water also force many to drink contaminated water which causes them to contract water-borne diseases for which they cannot afford to treat.

Through Water Relief you can give communities a precious gift – safe water to drink, to clean and wash, to grow crops and to feed the animals. Not only is this lifesaving but is the first step to generating sustainable  economic activities.  The availability of work and children going back to school will help get these  vulnerable communities out of poverty. Build a water well in your name or your loved ones at any one of these places:

      - Bangladesh

      - Nepal

      - Pakistan

When your well is built, you will receive a feedback report and you will discover how your gift has help change lives.

With reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved each day.

Build a water well.

Rapid Emergency Response (Bantuan Kecemasan Pantas)


Our involvement in Rapid Emergency Response began in 2012. Up to date we have responded to natural disasters, refugees from crises and conflict situations. In all these circumstances people are battling to survive, civilians targeted amidst conflict and communities persecuted and displaced. We have provided support every year since 1999, such as:

                  2012 : Mobility items – wheelchairs, commodes, walkers and walking sticks to Syrian refugees
                  2013 : Clothing and food items to Syrian refugees
                  2014 & 2015 : Medical aid to Al Karama Hospital and Dar Essalam in Gaza, Palestine
                  2015 : Food aid to famine victims in Somalia and Ethiopia
                  2016 : Food Aid to children and other victims in Aleppo, Syria
                  2017 : Food, water, shelter and medical aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh
                  2018 : Rohingya Emergency Response & Yemen Emergency Response   

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