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Our Projects

This year, AMPRO Foundation’s Qurban Amal will launch in early June 2018. 

Please follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.



AMPRO’s qurban package under the brandname Qurban-Amal-AMPRO started in 1999. The initial aim was to provide a service to a large pool of potential qurban participants as a complement to qurban done by the mosques.

We have since evolved and our Qurban-Amal-AMPRO is now an established brandname in the qurban sector, offering affordable qurban packages and successfully combining the qurban ibadah with humanitarian aid.         

Another unique feature of our qurban: we introduced canning – our qurban meat is pre-cooked and canned. This makes it a source of ready to eat food, and since canning increases the shelf life of the meat, it is most suitable for delivery to crisis-stricken areas, with difficult terrain and poor infrastructure.

Apart from canned qurban we also offer hard frozen qurban and local slaughter – ie qurban done in the most impoverished places where the most needy are to be  found.

Community In Need


An initiative that aims to deliver food aid to poverty-stricken territories, particularly Somalia and Ethiopia through our “Feed the World” programme.

  • Feed Our World

  • Water Relief

  • Rapid Emergency Response

  • Power via Solar Panels

Empowering Women, Children & 

Orphan Aid


A program to empower women to make them financially independent. This project also looks at helping children and orphans holistically from food to health and schooling.

  • Skills for Women

  • Education First 

  • Orphan Kind 

  • Forgotten Children

Open Your Eyes


In developing countries people with visual impairment are living in darkness. Yet simple eye checks, medicines/vitamins, or operations can restore their sight. You can prevent and treat blindness by supporting our Open Your Eyes Mobile Clinics Camps and Eye Treatments.

Mobile Clinic Camps:  The targets are rural communities. A clinic camp is set up to conduct routine eye checks, vision tests, and to provide glasses and medicines as required.

Eye Treatments: For more complex eye problems, our mobile ophthalmologists will refer these cases to the nearest hospitals for further tests and operations.

Restore someone’s sight. Act now and participate in our aid packages.

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