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AMPRO’s qurban package under the brandname QURBAN-amal-AMPRO started in 1999. The initial aim was to provide a service to a large pool of potential qurban participants as a complement to qurban done by the mosques.

We have since evolved and our QURBAN-amal-AMPRO is now an established brandname in the qurban sector, offering affordable qurban packages and successfully combining the qurban ibadah with humanitarian aid.         

Another unique feature of our qurban: we introduced canning – our qurban meat is pre-cooked and canned. This makes it a source of ready to eat food, and since canning increases the shelf life of the meat, it is most suitable for delivery to crisis-stricken areas, with difficult terrain and poor infrastructure.

Apart from canned qurban we also offer hard frozen qurban and local slaughter – ie qurban done in the most impoverished places where the most needy are to be  found.

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