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AMPRO Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of AMPRO Holdings, a social enterprise run by volunteer professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to the upliftment of less privileged communities. 

AMPRO Foundation is proud to organise a humanitarian effort that is increasingly necessary at this particular time.



-The amount of people suffering in this world is increasing.

- 790 million of 7 billion people are living in hunger and poverty

- 130 million children have been orphaned

- More than 660 million do not have potable water

- 280 million visually impaired, 90% of whom are from the slums

- Widespread suffering in Syria, Gaza, Yemen and South Sudan


Help is needed, yet many are abandoned. Help us help the less fortunate. And let Islam be seen as a beacon of hope for the world. 

Help Ampro Foundation make a difference to our beneficiaries.

Community In Need (Projek Komuniti) 


- Ramadhan Appeal (Insaniyyah Ramadhan)
- Water Relief (Bekalan Air Bersih)
- Rapid Emergency Response (Bantuan Kecemasan untuk mangsa musibah & konflik)

Open Your Eyes (Projek Cahaya)


-Treatment for the blind and at risk of eyesight loss

(Rawatan untuk mereka yang kurang daya penglihatan atau menghadapi risiko buta)


Mother & Child (Projek Ibu dan Anak)


- Food, medical, and school assistance for children & orphans
(Bantuan makanan, medikal dan sekolah untuk anak-anak & yatim piatu)

-Skills training to empower women (Wanita Perkasa: Latihan Kemahiran)

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