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AMPRO Foundation & Humanitarian Action

Extending Help. Giving Hope


AMPRO Foundation finds its beginnings in AMPRO Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ld.

AMPRO Holdings (also known as AMPRO Group) incorporated as a private limited company. From the beginning AMPRO sees itself as a social enterprise with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our first CSR, the Qurban Project, began with AMPRO Holdings in 1999,  complementing the annual qurban ritual carried out by the network of mosques. Known as QURBAN-amal-AMPRO, the Project’s unique feature is that it turns qurban meat into food aid as the beneficiaries of the qurban meat are people in dire need: those affected by natural disasters and/or displaced by conflict. Over the years QURBAN-amal-AMPRO  has  become a brandname.

The Qurban Project has expanded over time. Qurban Plus which adds a health package to the usual, basic package enhances the humanitarian element in QURBAN-Amal-AMPRO.  AMPRO’s decision to migrate its qurban project to the Foundation is a natural progression as it decides to embark on a full-scale humanitarian action programme.

AMPRO Foundation Projects

AMPRO Foundation, formed in 2003, embarked on a strategic collaboration in 2017 with a registered charity in Australia, Penny Appeal Australia. AMPRO has grouped the aid packages under three main programmes, while maintaining its long running project, Qurban-Amal-AMPRO: 


  1. Community In Need
    This offers the following aid packages:
    - Feed the World
    - Water Relief
    - Rapid Emergency Response

  2. Empowering Women & Children  
    This offers the following aid packages:
    - Education First
    - Orphan Kind
    - Skills for Women 


  3. Open Your Eyes  
      - This offers aid for the visually impaired

AMPRO Foundation - Penny Appeal Australia Strategic Collaboration ​

AMPRO embarked on a strategic collaboration in 2017 with a registered charity in Australia, 

Penny Appeal Australia. Watch this video to learn more:


A Singapore based humanitarian foundation to provide humanitarian assistance and  relief to the less fortunate and underprivileged around the world.


To be a platform for humanitarian action for individuals and communities to participate and  support humanitarian relief programmes; to encourage public empathy for  disadvantaged children and families in Singapore and overseas.

Our Core Values

  • Giving Back to Society

  • Amanah & Accountability (Trust)

  • Good Corporate Governance

Medical Supplies to AL Karama Hospital

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