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Our Videos

Gaza Hospital thanks AMPRO Singapore for medical aid
Here is a video of Dr. Khalid Khalil, Managing Director of Alkarama Hospital saying thank you to AMPRO and AMPRO's customers for the medical aid.
You can also watch it here.
 AMPRO Singapore distributes aid to Gaza
Qurban Amal AMPRO Singapore would like to thank all our customers in ‪Singapore‬ who have contributed food and medical aid to‪ ‎Gaza‬.
Here is a video with pictures from the distribution. You can also watch it here.
Al-Karama Hospital in Gaza thanks AMPRO for Qurban 2015
Here is a video from Al-Karama Hospital in Gaza thanking AMPRO for medical supplies delivered as part of Qurban 2015 efforts. 
You can also watch it here.
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