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Order Qurban 2019 Now!

Help victims of natural disasters & conflict

Order Qurban Amal 2021

Celebrating 21 years of extending help, giving hope to vulnerable communities

You are the force behind our Qurban Amal Project.


Your participation has moved it successfully. Alhamdulillah we turn 21 this year! As in the previous years we are bringing to you various Qurban and Humanitarian Assistance Packages.


Please purchase the items below or contact us at


Our mission is to combine Qurban as an ibadah with social compassion through humanitarian aid by collaborating with international humanitarian organizations.


Please order your qurban here. You can also download the form and pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque.

Order multiple packages / for your family and friends

For multiple quantities, please select option first. You will have the option to change the quantity of the qurban once the option is selected.

Order Qurban AND Humanitarian aid with 1 check out
Now you can add humanitarian aid when you order qurban in the same checkout! Once you've clicked 'Add to Cart' for your first purchase, click 'Continue Shopping' on the top right to add more packages onto your cart. You can also increase the quantity of your packages.


Contact us at 9711 2824 / 8431 1377 / 9640 8766 / 6348 8983 or email:

Qurban - Sheep / Goat


Order Qurban now to benefit victims of conflict from as low as $240.


A1: Hard Frozen Qurban for Palestinian Refugees in Jordan / Lebanon ($250)

A2: Canned Qurban for Rohingya refugees ($270)

A3: Qurban on-site for victims of conflict in Yemen ($240)

qurban singapore

Qurban - Cow


Order Qurban for victims of conflict for as low as $180.
Please note that 1 Whole Cow is 7 shares.


B1) Qurban on-site for Westbank and Gaza, Palestine
1 Cow Share for Westbank, Gaza ($350)

B2) Qurban on-site for Rohingya
1 Cow Share for Rohingya ($180)

qurban singapore

Empowerment Aid Package


To help ease the suffering of the those whose lives are affected by calamities and crisis.

C1: Replanting olive trees in Palestine ($110)

C2: Bakery prokect in Yemen ($100)

C3: Learning Center for Rohingya refugees ($100)

qurban singapore

Emergency Aid Package


To provide urgent emergency aid and basic necessities for the most vulnerable.

D1: Aid for pregnant women and children ($100)

D2a: Food aid for Palestine ($100)

D2b: Water aid ($250)

D2c: Urgent Medical equipment ($500)

qurban singapore
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