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Here is a letter that we sent to all our customers on March 27, giving them an update on qurban and aid efforts  from orders in 2018.

27 March 2019



Assalamualaikum Mr. Zainuddin MAB,

                           UPDATE 2018: Qurban Amal & Humanitarian Aid Package done in your name                                                            

YOU HAVE spent a part of your wealth to help those whose lives have been disrupted by crisis or conflict. We can never repay what you have done. Our doa that your good deed will translate into His blessings and favours, for goodness here and the hereafter. Amiin.


The least we could do is to issue you a certificate as a token of our appreciation. Also enclosed are pictures to show you the work we have done, all made possible through your participation.




1. Canned Qurban  
Slaughtering took place in Dubbo, Sydney on the days of Tashrik. The canned qurban meat has been delivered to Jordan for distribution to the Palestinians and Syrian refugees. Please visit our facebook at for a glimpse of the qurban ibadah which took place in Australia.


2. Qurban : Fresh Slaughter – Yemen  
The political conflict in Yemen has reached a critical level. According to a United Nations Report 18 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance, especially medical and food aid. Distributing your qurban meat to the people of Yemen therefore came at the right time as it became a source of food aid for those in need.    


3. Qurban: Fresh Slaughter – Bangladesh – Cows & Goats for Rohingya Refugees   
Slaughtering took place on the first day of Aidil Adha. Our focus here are the Rohingya refugees as well as the poor and destitute. Distribution of freshly slaughtered qurban meat to the Rohingya took place in the refugees camps in Ukhia and Teknaf in Cox Bazar. Bad weather made the taking of photographs difficult and this affected the quality of the photographs.


4. Qurban: Fresh Slaughter – Ethiopia – Famine victims

Collectively, about 20,000 kg of qurban meat was distributed to the needy. An approximate 11,000 recipients benefitted from the distribution of your qurban meat. These recipients are found in areas most in need of food aid, such as Qacha, Ashute, Hara Misra and Garjeda.   



This update is sent to all our participants. For those who do not participate in our programme we hope that the update will help publicise our aid packages, and if you are interested to take up any of these packages, you can get in touch with us.


1. Pakej Bantuan Makanan Sejagat (Feed Our World)         

To commemorate the blessed month of Ramadan we deliver food packs to the needy in

various parts of the world. Amongst the recipients are victims of natural disasters and conflict in Palestine, Syria, Yemen and South Africa.


2. Pakej Air Bersih (Clean Water)

Funds for this project were channelled to provide clean water to the victims of disasters in Indonesia. Two tsunamis struck Indonesia, first in Central Sulawesi in September and second in the Sunda Strait in December 2018. In addition to this we also did water wells in Sri Lanka.   

3. Pakej Sedia Kesekolah (Education First)    
For this project, the funds received were used to provide ‘workstations’ for the students. Called The Tutudesks, these portable lap desks are the answer to the classroom desk shortage in schools in developing countries. Over 95 million children in schools across sub Saharan Africa has no access to a classroom desk.


4. Pakej Perkasakan Wanita (Empowering Women)

Our goal is to help women free themselves from the poverty cycle through skills training. It is our hope that with the acquisition of a skill that brings a source of income, these women can one day be financially independent. Our pioneer project started with a group of women in Sri Lanka being put through a sewing course and who can eventually benefit from the opportunities in cottage industry production.


5. Projek Mata (Open Your Eyes)          
Free surgery was performed on those who are suffering from cataract. These visually impaired people would not have regained their sight if they had not gone for surgery. This project was implemented in collaboration with Midlands Medical Centre in Africa

5. Bantuan Kecemasan (Emergency Relief) 

AMPRO together with its working partner responded to the appeal for aid for the tsunami victims in Central Sulawesi and the Sunda Strait.


Two aid packages were offered: 1) clean water and 2) hygiene set. Our primary focus is to ensure the availability and accessibility of clean water. Towards this end filtration sets were delivered, one for large scale filtration for communal use and the other for domestic use.


From South East Asia, to South Asia, to the Middle East and the African continent, we endeavoured to help as best as we can through our Project Qurban Amal and Humanitarian Action Programme.  


But the real mover of our project is you, your participation is the key to our success.


Thank you. Wassalam.       

Dinah Musa   
Qurban & Humanitarian Action Programme

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