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Qurban 2018: Order Qurban 2018 Now!

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Our mission is to combine Qurban as an ibadah with social compassion through humanitarian aid by collaborating with international humanitarian organizations.


Please order your qurban here. You can also download the form and pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque.

For multiple quantities, please select option first. You will have the option to change the quantity of the qurban once the option is selected.

Qurban (Aqiqah) Package
- Sheep


13.5 million Syrians and 1.3 million Gazans require humanitarian assistance. Order Qurban now to benefit Syrian and Gaza Victims from as low as $250.


A) Canned - Syrian / Gaza Victims ($250)


Qurban / Aqiqah - Local Slaughter


Purchase Qurban for either Rohingya refugees, Ethiopia famine victims or Yemen victims of conflict. There are over 200,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, 10 million hungry in Ethiopia, and millions of Yemeni victims of conflict.


B1) Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugees) - $220

B2) Bangladesh - Destitute ($200)

B3) Ethiopia - Famine Victims ($170)

B4) Yemen - Victims of Conflict ($330)

Qurban Package Cow (Bangladesh)

Send 7 shares of Qurban for Bangladesh destitute for $990, or Rohingya refugees for $1100.


C1) 7 Shares - Bangladesh Destitute ($990)

C2) 7 Shares - Rohingya Refugees ($1100)


Package for Community In Need
(Pakej Komuniti)


To help ease the suffering of the internally displaced and others whose lives are affected by calamities and conflict.

D1) Feed the World ($100 per pack)
D2) Clean Water (Water Filtration Pack) $80 per pack

Package for Women & Children 
(Pakej Wanita & Anak-Anak)

To empower women/children and orphans.

E1: Sewing Course and Sewing machine for women - $400 per pack
E2: Textbooks & stationery for children - $100 per pack
E3: Food & Nutrition for Orphans - $50 per pack


Package for Open Your Eyes
(Pakej Projek Mata)

To reduce the risk of blindness faced by those living in poverty and early treatments are not affordable.

F1: Eyecheck & treatment - $160 per pack

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