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AMPRO Appeal 2022
Your participation will help relieve the suffering of the victims of calamity and crisis.

AMPRO Foundation has come up with packages such as Food Aid Package, Iftar Package and Empowerment package. Order via instant payment using PayPal / Credit Card or via our form.

Muslims around the world are facing an extraordinary time of crisis.

Support these communities with AMPRO Foundation's Appeal 2022.

2022 Olive tree farming 2.JPG

Above: Olive Tree planting in Palestine (Package C1) which will help restore livelihoods

Instant Order - Via PayPal / Credit Card / Debit Card



C1: Olive Farms for Palestine - $110
C2: Bakery in Yemen - $100
C3: Shifaa’ in Yemen: $100
4C: Upskilling Orphans in Pakistan - $100

Select the package below and click 'Add to Cart'. On the following page you can edit the 

quantity of the package.

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